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Lead Distribution Software features for Internet Lead Generation Companies

by Paddu on August 16th, 2009

Internet Lead Generation as an Industry

Internet Lead Generation is the primary source of sales leads acquisition for many business segments in today’s internet dependent world. In tune with the growth and wide usage of internet for demand generation, a large lead generation and distribution industry has taken its root. Several years back, it used be a few large ones such as Lending Tree. However, in the past couple of years thousands of organizations – both small and large – have started internet lead generation activities. Nowadays, the industry is also more mature and trusted by the consumers, even though there are a lot of fly-by-night operations selling dreams and unproven products and services.

Lead Capture Automation

Landing pages are used to capture lead information and SEO and PPC techniques are employed to drive traffic to these landing pages. The process of automation can be leveraged from this point onwards to streamline the operations and maximize lead conversion rates. A good lead capture and distribution software tool will be very handy.

Lead Distribution – Pain in the …..

Assuming that the leads are captured in efficient manner, the pain starts in the process of determining the buyer with several criteria / filters in the play. The pain continues in the lead delivery step as the leads are to be delivered as quickly as possible. Of course, no one can guarantee the delivery of emails through the internet with the all the spamming going on. And to top it, almost all small lead buyers users use free email addresses (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, various ISP mails, etc.). Here is where a smart lead distribution software solution can help the lead generation companies in automating their day-to-day operations and help clients convert more leads by timely followup.

Internet Leads Distribution Solution for Lead Generation Companies

The above presentation / document summarizes the features to look for in an internet lead distribution software solution.

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